Discover Aviation the Best Way Possible

flying over ocean

An Introduction Lesson is a great way to see what flying is all about. This means a one-on-one with a Certified Flight Instructor and actually be able to fly about 85% of the time! You will be able to experience straight flight, turns, climbs, and descents. The Introductory Flight lessons will be conducted at either Monterey, Salinas or Watsonville Airport. The flight will be in a Cessna 172 - a four seat airplane.

It’s also a thrilling experience in itself, offering unparalleled aerial perspectives on one of the world’s most lovely landscapes. Within a single hour, you’ll marvel at gorgeous views.

Imagine being in the cockpit just before takeoff … your dream of flying does not get closer than this! The adrenaline rush starts from the moment you strap yourself in and get ready for takeoff. A Discovery Flight is your introduction to the world of aviation. If you have ever wanted to feel what it's like to fly without much classroom commitment, then a Discovery Flight is for you.

This experience is a perfect first step if you’re considering flight training, letting you preview the pleasures of piloting a small plane.

Like a bird’s-eye view of the Salinas Valley or the Monterey Bay Area? Discovery Flight Fly a Real Aircraft Take the controls and experience the fun!

-Claudia Maciel-Contreras

Like to see what’s it like flying a small plane? After your Introductory Flight we will take some pictures, and you will have had an introduction to one of the most exiting experiences of your life!

-Claudia Maciel-Contreras